About The Sawmill

Located in Coventry, RI, our sawmill cuts all types of native lumber to your specifications.  We offer many services that other local sawmills do not offer.  Some of these services include:

  • Milling your logs – Not only will we pick up your logs, but we can also cut down the trees that you would like logged.  Prices range from $.30 – $.45 per board foot.
  • Kiln Drying –  We will dry your lumber in our kiln.  Prices range from $.40 – $.60 per board foot.
  • We will purchase your logs.  We are always looking to purchase black walnut logs.
  • Building services – We build the following items:
  1. Picnic tables
  2. fences
  3. sheds
  4. garages

Below are some pictures of our sawmill.

Lumber mill in RI

RI Logging Area sign

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